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lotus hydravitals-$55 time- skin type- dry skin

Lotus professional hydravitalsare nourishes and hydrates skin, help maintains a good barrier against environmental toxins. Lotus professional hydravitals provides optimal protection against free radical environmental damage causing premature ageing, finelines, wrinkles and discoloration. Lotus professional hydravitals oatmeal active scrub cream Enriched with hydravitals oatmeal, this cream serves excellent in preventing premature aging.

Lotus Herbals – Preservita Advanced Skin Radiance Facial – Vino Grapes Marmalade- $60 time-

Vino Grapes Marmalade. Removes dark patches and blotchiness. Preservita Advanced Fruit Marmalade is a complex mixture made from fruit that has been produced using a revolutionary process that preserves the highly concentrated fruit with all its pure nutrients, enzymes and vitamins for optimum skin benefits.


WHITENING MASSAGE cream Concern - Facial massage, Pigmentation control Skin Type - Normal to Dry, Matured Skin Benefits - Improves complexion Details - This Whitening Cream transports essential nutrients and proteins filling up the space between the Collagen and Elastin Fibers by acting as a cushion. Lactic acid and Vitamin-C improves the complexion by acting as the barrier for Melanocyte Cells hence preventing pigmentation


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